Podcast Advertising

Palegroove exclusively offers podcasts from the most trusted names in news and politics at CNN, best-in-class ad campaign management and exclusive real-time podcast ad insertion technology. Giving brands, companies and publishers more opportunities to be heard by the right audience.

Newsworthy Content

As the exclusive ad sales partner for the CNN Podcast Network, Palegroove represents over 7 million monthly ad impressions in the following shows and special presentations like the CNN Debates podcasts.

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Hear The Difference

The reach you want without the hassle.

Deliver campaigns across entire content libraries.

Palegroove gives advertisers best-in-class content and the most innovative podcast ad delivery platform in the industry.

CNN shows with your ads in iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Amazon Echo, Sonos or anywhere.

Dynamic Delivery

Palegroove's AdKnit is a best-in-class integrated podcast CMS and advertising platform.

We dynamically deliver spots into any episode, instantly.

Built from the ground up to make publishing, campaign management and reporting simple. AdKnit offers transparent pricing, metrics, an intuitive CMS and realtime on-demand reporting.

"Alexa, play Anderson Cooper 360."

Podcast Pioneers

In 2004 Palegroove debuted as the first podcast production studio in the world. We have dedicated the decade-plus since then developing innovative podcast solutions and growing ad sales partnerships with top-tier publishers including CNN.

We have worked with top companies including MTVN, SiriusXM, NASCAR and the The Home Depot - to name a few.

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